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Discover how the National Aspiring Principals Fellowship can unlock untapped leadership potential to strengthen and diversify your principal corps.

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The National Aspiring Principals Fellowship is a principal certification and master's degree program designed in partnership with two preeminent Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) - Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University - in response to the research-demonstrated need for greater equity-driven, representative school leadership.

Closing The Representation Gap In School Leadership

Research shows that a strong, equity-minded school leader accounts for about 25% of a school’s impact on student learning. Research also shows better school and student outcomes, especially for teachers and children of color, when a principal of color is at the helm.

However, while more than 54% of all U.S. public school students are students of color, only 20% of all U.S. principals are Black or Hispanic/Latinx. This does not have to be the reality.

The Fellowship integrates the 20+ year research and evidence base of New Leaders nationally renowned principal preparation program and the equity-centered conceptual frameworks of Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College into a transformative online experience that prepares diverse cohorts of aspiring principals from across the country to face the challenges of today’s schools as they lead with equity and drive towards results. This is principal preparation at its finest.

Results You Can Count On

New Leaders has the most effective approach to principal development in the country. Principals trained by New Leaders get results where it matters most: in school, for students.

Multiple independent evaluations have proven that in schools led by a New Leaders principal:
Students perform better in reading and math
Students have better attendance rates
Students gain additional months of learning
Principals, themselves, stay in their roles longer

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a national network of diverse leaders working together to radically transform schools for the better.

28 states
have schools led by a New Leaders principal
60% of principals
trained by New Leaders identify as Black and/or Hispanic/Latinx
1 of 5 principals
trained by New Leaders go on to lead at the district-level
Photo of Cinique Weekes-Bynoe
I feel like the Fellowship will help me be the school leader that I deserve and want to be.
Cinique Weekes-Bynoe, January 2022 Cohort Participant

Why Bring The Fellowship To Your District Or System?

Build a robust pipeline of well-prepared, equity-focused principal candidates
Increase principal retention thereby reducing the costs required to train and replace principals
Increase teacher retention by supporting career advancement and building the capacity of aspiring leaders in the system
Advance greater equity in your schools by systematically addressing the absence of leaders of color
Improve learning outcomes for ALL students by providing them with equity-focused school leaders explicitly trained to ensure that every child in every school has a pathway to success

Your Commitment

The cost per participant is $10,000 - $20,000, based  on the selected program of study.

Today, the average cost to fill a principal vacancy is $75,000. Through the Fellowship, you can sponsor and develop an aspiring principal for less than a quarter of that cost.

New Leaders can assist districts in accessing federal, state, or philanthropic funds.

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