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Our National Aspiring Principals Fellowship prepares full-time teachers like you to become effective principals and change-makers for the students in your community.

This is your moment to lead.
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B2B student experience with Fellowship Alim '23
Cinique Weekes-Bynoe
Fellowship Alum, '23
Dy’nelle Todman
Fellowship Alum, '23
Jennifer Schroeder
Fellowship Alum, '23

Program Highlights

The Fellowship is completed in your school, in your current role with coursework online.
You practice and develop leadership skills in real time. Here's how:
Principal residency | Fellowship Images
Principal Residency
Our job-embedded residency offers opportunities to exercise your leadership, apply your learning, and complete a capstone research project in your current school.
Individualized coaching | Fellowship Images
Individualized Coaching
Every month, our expert coaches, all current and former principals, provide immediate and actionable feedback to support you in your residency.
Cohort-based learning | Fellowship Images
Cohort-based Learning
Engaging with a community of diverse, like-minded leaders from across the country allows you to collaborate, problem-solve, and continuously improve alongside your peers.
Equity-focused faculty | Fellowship Images
Equity-focused Faculty
The Fellowship faculty are a diverse group of award-winning principals, superintendents, and equity champions, making them the ideal guides to prepare you to step into leadership.


At New Leaders, we want to support making your goal of becoming a principal more attainable. Through the generous support of philanthropic partners, full
scholarships to the Fellowship are available for those who qualify.
Begin your journey to becoming a principal.

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Bolanle Morton | NL Fellowship Images
Courtney Hill alumni | NL Fellowship Images
Bank street hero | NL Fellowship Images

Learning Outcomes

Redefine what is possible and be ready to lead from day one. We know principals lead in many ways
to advance excellence and the belief that all children are capable of extraordinary things.
In the Fellowship, you gain the leadership skills and mindset to:
  • Design an impactful instructional program
    Accelerating learning for all students
  • Support and develop talent
    Coaching teachers to foster growth and opportunity
  • Understand and respond to evolving needs
    Using data-driven insights to inform decisions
  • Develop systems to equitably distribute resources
    Ensuring all student needs are met
  • Honor the strengths within the community
    Advancing a shared vision for success
Mary Nikoo speaking at the conference 2023 | Fellowship Images
Mary Nikoo
Fellowship Alum, '23

One Fellowship

Many Paths to the Principal Role

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The Fellowship meets the educational requirements for licensure in 40+ states.

Certification - Only Track
Master's + Certification Track
Credit Hours
24 credit hours
30 credit hours
Program Length
12 months
16 months
Tuition for August '24 / January '25
August 2024 Cohort Application Window
February - June 30, 2024
Certification - Only Track
Master's + Certification Track
Credit Hours
18 credit hours
30 credit hours
Program Length
11 months
16 months
Tuition for August 2024
August 2024 Cohort Application  Window
Applications are closed for the August 2024 cohort.
Applications will reopen soon for the January 2025 cohort.

Program of Study

The Fellowship can be completed in 10-16 months depending on the track and enrollment partner.

The Fellowship at Bank Street
  • History of Urban Education
  • School Culture and Community Relations
  • Practicum I
  • Education Resource Management
  • School Law
  • Curriculum Planning for Educational Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Practicum II
  • Research for School Improvement (Master’s Track only)
  • Adult Development (Master’s Track only)
The Fellowship at Clark Atlanta University
  • History of Urban Education
  • School Culture and Community Relations
  • Practicum I
  • Curriculum Planning for Educational Leadership
  • Education Resource Management
  • Practicum II
  • Intro to Educational Administration and Supervision (Master’s Track only)
  • Research for School Improvement (Master’s Track only)
  • School Law (Master’s Track only)
  • Educational Tests and Measurements (Master’s Track only)

Alumni Benefits

Join a robust community of more than 8,000 New Leaders alumni. With opportunities for community building, networking, and support from our dedicated alumni team,
the Fellowship experience extends beyond the principalship.
Marcus Peterson receiving his fellowship award | Fellowship Images
Marcus Peterson
Fellowship Alum, '23
Alumni benefits include:
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
Evidence-based resources and leadership tools
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
Affinity groups, mentoring, and networking
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
Resume and interview support
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
Community-building events in cities across the country
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
High-quality programming and learning opportunities
Orange circle with check | Fellowship Images
Opportunities for career advancement

Admissions and Eligibility

Next application window:
February - June 30, 2024

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • 2-3 years of teaching experience
  • 3.0 GPA average on conferred degrees
  • A valid teaching license or credential
  • A current role with access to a residency school site
  • A master's degree (Only a requirement for the Certification-Only track in some states - individuals can check their program options and requirements using our eligibility tool)
B2B student experience, woman standing with the fellowship award
Applicants are also expected to embrace an equity-focused mindset and have a track record of driving student success.

Application Steps

Orange evaluate icon | Fellowship Images
Evaluate program options
Orange start icon | Fellowship Images
Start application
Orange write icon | Fellowship Images
Write a personal leadership essay
Orange secure icon | Fellowship Images
Secure recommendations and residency consent
Orange submit icon | Fellowship Images
Submit transcripts and credentials
Orange complete icon | Fellowship Images
Complete an asynchronous interview
White dotted line | Fellowship Images
Fellow, Michelle Means, cut out in orange square frame | Fellowship Images
Michelle Means
Fellowship Alum, '23
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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Administrator licensing/certification requirements are at all times subject to the applicable requirements of the credentialing state. All licensing/certification determinations are made by the credentialing state; accordingly, neither New Leaders, Clark Atlanta University, Bank Street Graduate School of Education, nor Morehouse College cannot guarantee any individual an administrator credential at any time.

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